Frequently Asked Questions

The UI Athletics Department does not sponsor any scholarships for camp or clinic attendees.  The University offers the E.B. Green Scholarship for attendance at any University-sponsored youth program.  The following website has information listed under E.B. Green Scholarships.

If you are eligible to deduct camp fees for TAX purposes, use TAX ID#426004813.

No, resident refers to your status while you are attending camp, not your home address.

A resident sleeps in the dorms with us at night and a commuter leaves after the final session each day to sleep off campus with family or friends.

A medical release MUST be signed by a doctor OR a copy of your school sports physical performed within one year of the camp date to attend any of our camps. If you come to camp without a medical release, you can contact a doctor and have them fax a copy or go to a local UI QUICK CARE and have a sports physical performed. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. If you choose to have a doctor fax us a copy, your child will be unable to participate in any sessions until this medical release is received by the Athletic Trainer.

When you apply online, you will be required to provide your insurance information; the medical release may be mailed later. However, it is best to send your completed medical release before you check in the first day of camp, and you can do this via fax, scan and email or US mail. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, AS YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE UNTIL THE MEDICAL RELEASE OR A COPY OF THEIR SCHOOL PHYSICAL IS RECEIVED.

The following shuttle services are available from the Eastern Iowa Airport:

The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID), located in Cedar Rapids, IA is approximately 25 miles north of the University of Iowa campus.

The dorm rooms are air conditioned, but you might want to bring a small fan, as it could be extremely hot during your camp.

Two lofted beds, two desks, two chairs, a dresser and a sink. The showers and bathroom are down the hall and you should bring appropriate clothes and shoes to go back and forth. 

No, if you don’t bring a cell phone and need to make an “emergency” phone call, contact your counselor or coach. There is also a 24-hour attendant at the Hillcrest front desk.

The showers and bathroom are down the hall and you should bring appropriate clothes and shoes to go back and forth. The men’s shower facility is open with several showers, not individual stalls. The women’s showers have individual stalls.

Two campers per room, we are only provided double rooms by Housing. If the group attending is an odd number, you could request being “next” to a person. You can spend all of your waking time with friends, and won’t have to go to your room until lights out.

When you fill out your online registration, there is a place to request a roommate. If two campers request each other and the applications are submitted more than two weeks before the camp start date, it will happen. If the roommate request is left blank, we will assign a roommate attending the same camp and near the same age. If you request a roommate late, we will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee it will happen.

Laundry facilities are available in your dorm. Campers can purchase laundry cards ($1.25 per load to wash and $1.25 to dry) at the Hillcrest Front Desk. The Hillcrest Front Desk does not keep change, so please bring small bills ($1 or $5) to purchase your laundry cards. You will need to bring laundry detergent with you; it is not sold in the dorm.

There is an ATM machine in the Hillcrest Lounge area, near the vending machines. 

You are welcome to come and watch any session your child is attending. If you need to remove your child for any reason, make sure their counselor is notified. 

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit your child during their stay at camp and dine with them. If you choose to eat in the Hillcrest dining facilities, the fee is $8.50 fee for breakfast and $10 for lunch / dinner. You are also allowed to take them off campus; please make sure to check them out with their counselors.

In case of emergency, contact the Hillcrest 24 hour desk at 319-335-9168.

Counselors act as a guardian while your child attends camp, as they are around them 24/7. They sleep in the dorm on the same floor as the campers and don’t go to bed until all campers are in their rooms and accounted for. They wake campers in the morning to make sure they have time to eat breakfast and get to their first session on time. Counselors are in the dining area while campers are dining, and present while campers are in session. If you have questions or concerns start with your counselor, they have been trained to proceed with assistance.

If your child is injured during camp, they will be taken to our Athletic Trainer immediately, and the Athletic Trainer will determine what action is required. If necessary, the Athletic Trainer will contact the parent/guardian and discuss care options. We can take the camper to UI Sports Medicine or the UI Emergency Department. Cost for treatment of injuries and/or hospitalization is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. We will have your insurance information from your online registration.

When you go through the check-in process, make certain that you stop at the Athletic Trainers table and discuss your child’s medication.

The commuter fee includes lunch and dinner. You can eat breakfast with the residents at your expense and the cost approximately $8.00.